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Message from Your Chairperson Lisa Krueger October 17, 2023


            We are over half way through October.  We always say how fast time is going, but I for one am truly shocked that we have a little over two months until Christmas!  The trees and the air are both ushering in much cooler temps, and we await our first snowfall of the season.


            At North Prairie Regional Water District, winter brings more difficulties in general, but especially if we have water breaks.  It’s a balance of taking care of our user’s water, and making sure our employees are safe facilitating their duties in brutal temperatures. We take both issues equally serious.. 


            As you are all aware, NPRWD has been in the spotlight these last few years.  But as always, there are always two sides to every story you hear. 


            A user wants the rural water, because it is clean and pure.  But what all goes into this clean and pure product?  It’s not as simple as turning the faucet on and the water runs.  You are probably saying; of course, we know that!  But, what don’t you know? 


There is a reason for every process and procedure that NPRWD has in place.

We are either following a local, state, or federal law that we abide by.  Did you know that every state in our United States, has rural water districts?  Every single water district is following the same laws, restrictions and regulations.  We are all also competing for the same grant dollars. 


If you work for a company, or you own your own business, every business has rules, processes, regulations, and laws you are required to follow.  The Managers of every business are required to follow the rules and processes that they are given. 


Our NPRWD Manager is no different.  Our Manager makes sure that our rules; processes, procedures, and laws are followed.  There is no pleasure or malice in needing to advise a user that no, his or her request cannot be honored.  It never hurts to ask or request a special favor, but please know that NPRW cannot always grant the request.


Being part of a large organization like North Prairie, we have to do what is best for everyone, not our own individual needs.  Can you imagine the state of the organization if every single user was able to have their request granted?  That said; We all are aware that it’s not possible to make every single person completely satisfied with NPRW.

We are here to try to do what is best for every one of you.


National Rural Water continues to remind all Water Districts in every state of our nation; our purpose and goal is to provide clean potable water to as many users as possible.  But only if they choose to take the rural water.  It makes the quality of life so much better and healthier for our users.  It’s an honorable vision and mission, and one North Prairie Regional Water District is proud to represent.